November 18, 2005

I went to a screening of “End of the Spear” last night. It was powerful! I have been familiar with this story of five missionaries killed back in 1956 by a savage tribe since the early 70’s. The commitment and devotion of these men and their families challenged my faith back then to look deeper into my relationship with Jesus. I believe this movie will have the same effect on all who see it.

Jim Elliot, one of the five, coined the phrase, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” He along with his co-workers did in fact give what they could not keep to gain what they could not lose.

The movie will be released nationally on January 20th. of 2006, which is the 50th. Anniversary of the death of these men. It is rate PG-13, and while the depiction of spearing is through out the movie, it is done in a tasteful way, but still not appropriate for very young children.

You will be moved by the power of the Gospel presented in the simplest of terms, and how it can change even the most harden life. You will be moved by the children of those who died and their present day interaction with the actual people who killed their fathers.

This group of people was on the brink of self annihilation. A 60% murder rate existed before the gospel came to these people. In a short period of time it dropped to 5%, and eventually to no killings at all.

“Bearing Fruit Communications” produced this movie. They state their mission as, “To make known the relevance of God’s Word for today’s world.” Mission accomplished! While there have been many changes in society in the last 50 years, I believe that this movie will speak even to a post-modern world.

For online ministry tools related to the film, go to www.daretomakecontact.com


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