November 23, 2005


It is unbelievable the way brothers and sisters in Christ keep coming from everywhere to help us! Last week we had 4 groups of workers.

The groups were from:
· Auburn Church of Christ, Auburn, AL
· Central Church of Christ, Huntsville, AL
· Germantown Church of Christ, Germantown, TN
· Leonard Street Church of Christ, Pensacola, FL

This week we have been blessed with groups from:

· Abilene Church of Christ, Statesville, NC
· Strickland Church of Christ, Glen, MS

We have groups scheduled as far in advance as late March.

Last Sunday night we had a great experience when we were able to share worship and a meal with the Division Street Church of Christ at our Long Beach building. They are still worshiping in a tent behind their building and are not able to have services at night. It was such a great experience to be together.

With Thanksgiving coming this Thursday we were glad to hear that there were 50 frozen turkeys along with “fixins” coming on Monday for us to use and share with others. We will be sharing these with the Division Street Church. They are serving Thanksgiving Dinner to anyone that will come their way on Thanksgiving Day. These are being delivered here by the Picayune Church of Christ in Picayune, Louisiana.

We also have 250+ Christmas boxes coming for children to be used with our kids and others in need. These are coming from the Memorial Road Church of Christ in Edmond Oklahoma



We had friends from Tampa, Florida – Jim and Tracy Lazzarino – come by Friday. Jim and another brother – Andy McCampbell – made a quick trip here right after Hurricane Katrina hit when we were in dire need of gasoline. At that time they brought a trailer with two 55 gallon drums of gas and supplies, left the trailer for us to use and turned around and drove back to Tampa. Jim and Tracy came today to pick up the trailer and we took the time to give them a tour of life south of the tracks. “I’ve never seen anything like this.” It looks like someone dropped a bomb down here.” These are what people usually say when they see it for the first time and today was no exception. The destruction is overwhelming. Business is gone, people’s homes are gone and their lives have been turned upside down.

Keep us in your prayers!
By HIS Grace!
Mark Hodges


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