Funeral For Sam Smith

January 16, 2006

Our Funeral Singers group sang today at the funeral for Sam Smith. I know, it sounds like one of those Joe Doe kind of names, very common, but not this Sam Smith. He was very uncommon. I never met Sam, but think my life would have been better had I had the opportunity. He was described often as the “gentle giant”. Sam was a “large” truck driver, that loved to eat, and more importantly, loved people.

The service lasted for an hour, but it sure didn’t seem that long. We sang six or seven songs, all contemporary, up beat and happy songs. A trio sang another four or five songs. In addition to Phil preaching the funeral, a family member spoke and a letter from Sam’s wife was read. The whole service was such a wonderful testimony to the life of one who love his family, but more importantly, one who loved his Lord.

From the back of the room I could see that there were few dry eyes. I thought of how death leaves such a void when someone who has made a difference in our lives is called home. What a dilemma if leaves for us. From a selfish stand point we don’t want to let go, and at the same time we know that they are experiencing joy beyond out understanding.

God calls this transition of one of His children “Precious”. Yes God calls death precious. So don’t hold on to tightly to things and people down here. Phil made a wonderful analogy in his lesson. We are all just “green card” visitors here. We have just stopped off for a visit on our journey to eternity. Don’t let your roots here go to deep. That was the problem that Lot’s wife had. She had traded in her green card for full citizenship and sadly paid the price.


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