Jimmy Sites on “End Of The Spear” Movie

January 17, 2006

Jimmy Sites was Senior Minister for the Madison church for some time and now has his own TV show, “Spiritual Outdoor Adventures” which has 22 airings weekly and a potential viewing audience of over 64 million. Presently Jimmy is a part of the ministry team at New River Fellowship. Jimmy is very familiar with the movie, End of the Spear, and its back ground. Here is a response to an email I sent to our Church E-mail group from Jimmy.

My family and I had the priviledge of living for a few days with the Waudoni tribe in the Amazon Jungle this past Spring while I was producing and filming the one-hour documentary that will air in conjunction with the “End of the Spear” movie. There will also be two SOA specials showcasing our adventure with this Stone Age tribe.

Lee is right . . . this is the most amazing story of forgiveness and grace that I have ever known of since the first century. This is a “must see” movie. Four of the five killers of the missionaries are still alive and were in camp with us. Two of them slept in our longhouse with us. They are now incredible Christian men and elders of the Waudoni church in the jungle.

Steve Saint led us into the jungle. You will see the real Steve Saint and the real Mincaye (the man that killed Steve’s dad and now IS Steve’s adopted dad) in the credits. Also, in the scene of Rachel Saint’s funeral, two of the original killers (Huey and Chemo) are used as actors. You will not see what really happened as they were preparing to film the scene. Huey came in and saw the actress that looked like Rachel Saint in the casket. He began to cry and pray and priase God and this went on for 30 minutes. The director didn’t stop it (it cost the film company about $20,000 to let him do this). Once he finished, they shot the scene. Huey and Chemo are in it. Watch for them. They are about 80 years old now, but look more like 50.

I have many more amazing stories and cool stuff I brought back from the jungle including spears, blow guns, etc. Would love to share the stories with you sometime.


Jimmy Sites

So, be sure to check your local movie listings for theaters and showing times beginning this Friday the 20th.!



  1. Jimmy Sites is fake. Ask many who have known him for years.

  2. Interesting that your comment about Jimmy was Anonymous. Now really, who is the fake? Jimmy I know, anonymous I don’t.

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