It’s Easter Drama Time Again

March 5, 2007


It is Easter Drama time again. The script is being finalized, the characters gathered and given their lines. Jonas has re-grown his beard and will play Jesus again this year. The familiar scenes of the betrayal, the flogging, Pilot washing his hands, the crucifixion, the burial in a borrowed tomb, and then the triumphal resurrection will all be played out for us to see again this year.


It has become a familiar story to us, but for those who first experienced the unfolding drama it must have seemed like the end of the world. Trying to understand the feelings that were coursing through their minds would be impossible. There hopes and dreams for the restoration of a Davidic like King and Kingdom had gone into that tomb with Jesus. The Eleven who has spend an intimate three and a half years with their Rabboni who had taught them so much and given them so much hope was now gone, and their hopes and dreams with Him. Over and over Jesus had told them what the future held, but their own dreams of grandeur clouded their ability to understand. Now their denial had turned into despair and all hope was gone.


Just as it is impossible for us to understand their emotions, it is also impossible to understand the utter joy and celebration that filled their hearts when they learn of His resurrection. The angelic announcement to the first visitors to that empty tomb was carried by those ecstatic women, who loved Him, to His disciples. Eventually even the doubts of Thomas are removed as he sees and touches the wounds of his Lord and Master.


May we never allow this to become just an annual story we tell. May we struggle to feel what they felt, to make ourselves a part of the story. In doing so, may we understand and feel our own emotional involvement in what is being played out before us. It is all about Him, but it is all FOR us. We are not apart of the original cast, but we are recipients of the benefits of what He did for us. Their blessings are our blessings as well. Oh, and by the way there are great opportunities during this time of the years to share this story with someone who has never heard it, or those who have never understood the story’s power in their own lives.


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