PETER POPOFF…He’s Backkkkkkkkkk!

March 7, 2007

I can remember hearing this guy on the radio years ago. End times were his big thing then…soon and very soon was his message. He was finally exposed on the Johnny Carson show some years ago, filed bankruptcy and disappeared, but now he is back selling his “snake oil” cures. Living in luxury by bilking gullible folks. Check out the video below.



  1. Lee….this kind of nut is always going to be with us because there are desperate people who seem to believe anything! Maybe a sad commentary on the rest of us in not reaching the lost and the desperate.

    Thank you for your excellent site!

  2. Carl, the woods are indeed full of them…so sad…so very sad.

  3. Does this mean all the Popoff “miracle spring water” I’ve been drinking, and paying $27 per sip, isn’t really going to help me!

  4. Larry it depends on whether you have been adding the real dead sea salt to the water before you drink it or not. Great to hear from you again brother.

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