When Hell Is A Place Called Home

March 12, 2007

 The Church today has become a sheltered institution. Fear of the world and its influence on us has caused us to withdraw into our homes and church buildings. We deal with the sin we see in the world from a distance or in group protest. Help for the hurting is offered if you will come to us; our benevolent centers, building and distribution points. On occasions we will send out a patrol, most often our youth, to venture into a rough city or country in the hope that they will learn a valuable lesson about the world’s need.


Our friends are mostly other Christians. Many lament the work environment they work in; bad language, vulgar talk and so forth. We can’t wait until we can get back to the safety of our homes, or the next church service.


There are a few, a very few, that venture out and try to make a difference, but it is lonely out there and can be discouraging, so there is a lot of frustration and many causalities, so the efforts are not that effective.


There is a whole other culture at work out there in our world that Christians only hear about from time to time, but never experience.


I am not a rap fan, and you may not be either, but will you please, as a favor to me, listen to this video. It speaks of the reality that many in our world are dealing with.



In contrast, Jesus knew His world. He talked to, touched, ate with and cared deeply about people…ALL people, regardless of what they were dealing with in their lives. Who will come to the aid of the helpless, the misguided and the hurting today. Who will leave their comfort zones and go to them instead of saying come to me? Who will risk? Who will be Jesus to them today?


Thanks Virgil for pointing me to this video.



  1. Amen. Lee, Preach it.

    Good stuff. Thanx for sharing.

    Many blessings…

  2. Thanks Lee. May I have strength to do more than preach it.

  3. We have become salt that stays in the shaker, waiting for someone to come to our table for seasoning. We are bright lights in bunkers, illuminating so that we can see, but sealed in so that others don’t see our light. In many ways we have turned into the apostles in early Acts, the ones hiding behind locked doors in fear.

    Sadly, many are very quick to point out the ‘unscriptural’ behaviors that we see in our own churches, but speak nary a word to the community around us.

    Yes, Jesus and the apostles taught in the synagogue, but he also taught at the well, by the sea, upstairs, downstairs, in the house of a sinner, while being bathed by a woman of the street, in season and out, on a hillside and in a boat… we don’t do any of that!

    We are so tied to the building (I refuse to call it church as that is so much of the confusion) that we can’t see ourselves being Christian effectively anywhere else. We think of worship on Sunday, but neglect it any other day.

    Less talk, more walk…

  4. Thanks Mike!
    Darin, I pray that prayer often.
    Jimbo, Excellent thoughs, and so well put.

  5. Good stuff Lee. You and Ben Overby are on the same page today. Thanks for challenging us.

  6. Lee,
    Referred over here by Charlie Whitfield. Thank you for sharing that haunting and indicting video. We have trained ourselves to look away so much that now we just cant see. Thank you for the eye opener


  7. Danny and Neva, thanks so much for your thoughts. God Bless!

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