March 19, 2007


Our lives are in a bit of a transition right now. I just learned that it is likely that the job that I am presently doing will be moved to our factory in
California, which means that I will be going back on the road again. At the same time we have our farm up for sale and are in negotiations with offers, and at the same time trying to determine where we will move when the sale goes through.  We decided some time ago that we wanted to be closer to Madison and our work. This could be a time of stress and concern about the future, but we have determined to not let that happen. When we began this process we turned the outcome over to the Lord, and are committed to not taking it from Him.

There is such peace in not worrying about the outcome of life situations. The security of resting in His love and direction brings a peace to your heart that you just cannot describe. I have tried it the other way oh so many times; trying to figure everything out ahead of time, trying to run ahead of God, which can be so very frustrating and stressful.

Barb just called and we are pre-approved for the mortgage, so now it is just a matter of finding a new home.

I have heard some who say God is not a God of the details in our lives, but I have come to believe that He very much is and desires to be involved just that much. There are still many choices to make, many details to consider, and I am not saying that He has a right or wrong opinion in what we choose, but that we simply allow Him to be considered as we make those decisions.

Changing gears a bit, we had our care group last night. One of the young ladies that attend is getting married to a great guy from
Texas. We had a Care Group Shower for her and her new bow. After we ate our meal we had a season of prayer and a number of folks led our thoughts for this young couple as they look to the future. How encouraging it was to hear each one pray not only the wedding, but their relationship, there lives together, challenges that would come and on an on. What a great time of fellowship and I know it was a great encouragement to them.

As the sign says at Waffle House: Thank You for stopping in. You could have gone anywhere but you chose to come here.

UPDATE!  Our house just sold! God is so Good!



  1. When my wife and I made the decision to step out, way out, in faith to move to a little mission church on an Indian reservation in Cherokee, NC, we put our house on the market. The first couple that came to see it, on the first open house day we had, offered us what we wanted for it, were non-contingent buyers, and were pre-approved! I was already in NC and Debbie called to tell me and said, “Does God want us in Cherokee or what?!”

    We will pray for your move, relocation, or whatever comes about.


  2. Thanks Jimbo!

  3. God IS good. Even when we DON’T like what he’s doing!

  4. Wow! That was fast! Your leap of faith may turn into a sprint now! Congrats

  5. That is so true Terri…All the time.

    Thanks Donna…we just learned of one small hurdle we still have to jump, but now worries.

  6. Lee,

    I, too, pray that your transition is smooth.


  7. Thanks so much Ben.

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