Easter Drama

April 9, 2007


This year’s drama centered on a father and son team of archaeologists engaged in an excavation at a recently discovered cave which they believe was used by early Christians as a meeting place for worship during times of persecution. The two men are alike in every way…except when it comes to their faith. While Mark, the father’s, faith is a quiet confidence that results from a lifetime of believing in God who is active and alive and cares about His people, Luke, the Son’s, faith has been dulled by unanswered questions and countless attacks from non-believing piers.

As the two men uncover artifacts in the cave there are flash backs to the original inhabitants of the cave in worship, and the Easter story is retold.  Luke will be drawn back into a relationship with God while Mark will find himself questioning the faith that has been a cornerstone of his life. Ultimately, both see that the compassion and sacrifice of our Lord demands a response from each of us…and how far some were willing to go to honor that sacrifice.

This years production was truly over the top! Here is a link to pictures of the Drama.



  1. Lee was this at Madison?

  2. Yes, this was at Madison

  3. Sounds good. How did it go?

  4. Darin, it was the best one yet. Jim and Barbie Lanier are so very talented. They have led our children’s worship for a few years, and Barbie just recently went full time as director of the children’s Bible School. While it was a complex script, it was performed almost with out a flaw. We are also blessed with a lot of folks with acting ability. In fact we have a drama coming up toward the end of April called “The Love Boat” Kelly Hughes directs a spring and Christmas drama each year. She is very talented as well.

  5. It is good to hear these people using their gifts for God’s glory.

    What kind of response do you get from the community? The church?

  6. Darin there were two performances, one Saturday evening and one during our second service on Sunday morning. There were many visitor for both. Eric, our praise team leader for the music part of the drama sat and could see the audience. He an others mentioned how many tear filled eyes there were. Hearts are always touch…only the Father knows the lasting value.

  7. I am interested in using this music (How could you say no to this man) for our church. Did you perform it acapella? If you did- where did you find the sheet music?

  8. Yes this was performed acapella. We got the music from X-Changed a group you may be familiar with. Try a web search for them. This was done some time ago and under the direction of another worship minister and I don’t have copies of the sheet music.

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