Transitions and Changes

April 23, 2007


Time to blog has been in short supply in recent days. With the move coming up this weekend and my present job being phased out, my mind has been much like scrambled eggs.  This past week end brought also an end to a long chapter in our lives. For a number of years Barb and I raised and showed Cane’ Corso Mastiffs, a rare breed of dog from Italy. On Saturday we had to put down our last Cane’ Corso due to old age and health problems. When we moved from Pennsylvania back to Tennessee some 10 years ago we brought with us six of the dogs we just could not part with. In that 10 year period, one by one, we said good bye to trusted friends and loyal companions. Saturday we said good bye to Matanga our last Cane’ Corso.

Transitions and changes come in this life. It just seems that we have a number of them here at once. But, this too shall pass. God is good…all the time.

I look forward to blogging on a more regular basis in the near future. With my new job, which is really my old job, it will probably be from the road a good part of the time. I hope to be sharing pictures and other information from the areas of the country that I will be working in.

If you would like to learn more about the Cane Corso breed, here is a link to the national association we were a part of for a number of years, Cane Corso Association of American, formerly the International Cane Corso Federation. Check out the photo link on the left to see some beautiful dogs.


The Dog in the Picture is Tara, my all time favorite Cane Corso.



  1. I’m a boxer fan myself but a beautiful dog for sure. Hope the move goes smooth and the travels are not too much.

  2. Lee,

    That is sad. I am sorry for the tough transition.

    Also, thanks for the link. (Havent looked yet but) I am thinking about getting a dog for street ministry. I do not know too many breeds, and probably want a mix. And I want one to be friends with to be sure, but I am thinking of protection as well.

    I need a dog that is big and loyal, security concious. Probably short hair for Texas heat. I want a friendly sort though. One kids can approach, but one that is big and serious enough to keep a pit bull busy while I make a hasty-get-away, should that ever be necessary. One willing to lay down his life for mine and others.

    I don’t know if that is a breed thing or a personality thing. I used to have a collie/shepherd mix growing up. He wasnt too big, or mean, but boy he got down to business with any menace I ever encountered when he was around. He took on a full grown St Bernard when he was a pup sending him off the property. He feared gunshots and firecrackers but that was all. And he was warm and snuggly for children and so forth. However, he was small enough that not all dogs or threatening others took him seriously as a deterent.

    Any suggestions?

    Just considering…

  3. Mike, the Cane Corso would meet all your needs. They are a breed that needs much socialization if you are going to have them around children. They are naturally protective. We never protection trained any of our dogs, but they were loyal to a fault. Very important to be the Alpha Dog yourself and stay in control. Obedience training is a must! But you will never find a more loving dog. They are not inexpensive though. You may be able to find a pet quality one for around 1000.00. I would be afraid of one that was selling for less.

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