Cline Paden Passes Away

May 28, 2007


Cline Paden, founder and long time director of Sunset International Bible Institute, in Lubbock, Texas went to be with the Lord on May 26, 2007. He was at home with his family gathered around. After a long struggle with health problems he finally won his victory. Cline was 87 years old. Cline will long be remembered for His love for the Lord and the lost. His visionary leadership over many years was responsible for the training and sending of hundreds of men and women into the mission fields here at home and abroad.  He will be missed.



  1. I only had a very few occasions to meet Cline. He always had a gracious and kind demeanor. And, his vision indeed was ahead of many of his era.

    Carl Wade

  2. Lee, I didn’t know Paden, but know we’ve been blessed by the work he did at Sunset.

    I trust all is well with you and your family. I’m feeling more hopeful since our conversation, and am trying to live out some of your advice.

    Ben O.

  3. Carl and Ben, Only the records of heaven will truly reflect the value of this one life. Cline was not only a man of vision, but one of inspiration as well. He will be missed.

  4. I heard him speak on a number of occasions. I especially respect him though for his vision and the encouragement he gave to so many people.

  5. I am sad to hear of the loss of such a godly man who did so much for the Kingdom of God. I know that those at Sunset and Lubbock will miss him dearly. I know countless preachers and men of God have been influenced by his life and example over the years. I pray that his family will find the comfort and peace that God gives during times of lose. I know that he is in heaven and that we will be reunited with him once again and that my friends is the great news of Jesus Christ. I hope that each of us who knew him will remember the man and godly example he was to many men who are now serving the Lord. God bless Cline Paden.

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