Attractional VS Incarnational

July 5, 2007

While doing research for a lesson for this Sunday evening at Madison I ran across the following chart. It makes a couple points I have not seen before. I would be interested to know what you think about it.




  1. These charts always remind me of the saying about there are two kinds of people. Those who believe there are two kinds of people and those who know better.

    These charts almost always only weigh the areas where they are confident of their superiority to the other. Things just are not that simple. Kind of like those old lessons when what was wrong with the church down the street were popular.

  2. I think the chart says it honestly. I can think of no areas where the “attractional” model is superior.

    Grace to you,
    Royce Ogle

  3. I have been looking at the contrast between Attractional and Incarnational as it relates to church approach to ministry for some time now. The sad thing to me in the whole approach is those on both sides seem to have an either or approach. I am just not convinced that the two approaches can not exist side by side.

    Having worked closely with a church who has majored in the attractional approach, I have been able to see a lot of value in that approach. I have seen and am seeing some victories. I think that the greatest mistake would be to rely TOTALLY on this approach and not at the same time have an incarnational mission as well.

    I see weakness and strengths in the chart above…on both side.

    Thanks T and Royce for your insight, it is always an encouragement to me.

  4. The chart is thought provoking. Thanks for a balanced assesment, Lee.


  5. just getting back. But I meant to imply just what you said. I believe both can and should exist. It just seems too many know they are not at all attractional or attractive or attracting anyone so it must be wrong. That is much easier than changing. But if people are attracted and that is it, what’s the point?

  6. […] fed, healed and embraced. The example of Jesus is a visible demonstration of the difference between Attractional and Incarnational Ministry. The challenge we all face is learning how, in practical ways to be incarnational. Could it be that […]

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