Keith Lancaster and Family Take Position With Farragut Church in Knoxville

July 9, 2007

The following is an article from Knowxville News Sentinel by Chandra Harris. (Photo by Saul Young)


Farragut Church of Christ is of one accord.

It’s been only a month since Keith Lancaster began commuting from Nashville every weekend to take the helm as worship minister at the church. And already he hears his lessons of four-part harmony echoing through the congregation.

As with most Churches of Christ, the Farragut church doesn’t use musical instruments but rather relies on its voices as “our instruments,” said Daniel Harris, preaching minister at the church.

Once-quiet worshippers are calling the church office, wanting to know what songs Lancaster wants the 300 or so members to practice for next Sunday.

Church members are using their vocal cords all week by practicing on their own time to the “Awesome God” CD. The gift from Lancaster to the congregation includes a vocalist training CD.

The guiding force behind the award-winning Christian group Acappella, Lancaster doesn’t want to dwell on the hundreds of sellout concerts he’s done. He only briefly talks about his decision, after experiencing vocal problems, to become manager and producer of the group he founded 25 years ago.

These days his focus is on keeping the virtues of four-part harmony alive. “It’s a lost art that I don’t want to see die,” he said.

He travels offering Praise & Harmony workshops to churches and singing groups.

He also leads the traditional and contemporary worship services at the Farragut church. Harris asked Lancaster to take on the role. Lancaster formerly was the worship minister of a 3,000-plus-member church in Nashville.

Harris said: “Only a handful of worship leaders can do what Lancaster does. We are excited and blessed that he is giving spiritual meaning to our worship.

“He’s the missing piece. Not many Churches of Christ have a contemporary service.”

Every Sunday, Farragut Church of Christ gets to experience a harmony workshop of sorts as Lancaster convinces every church member “that you can carry a tune, even if you don’t think you can.

“You don’t have to know how to read sheet music; you can just learn by listening,” he said.

“It’s about empowering everyone to participate, sing out and make a joyful noise,” Lancaster said.

He makes Sunday worship a family affair with the help of his wife, Sharon, and his son, Anthony, 19, who will step in and lead worship when Lancaster travels.

“You can feel the presence of God in worship,” Harris said.

“It’s not an atmosphere of entertainment. It’s an atmosphere of worship that is encouraging and drawing people.”

Chandra Harris may be reached at 865-342-6425._

© 2007, Knoxville News Sentinel Co.



  1. Lee,

    Not many churches offer both a traditional and a contemporary worship service. Having led both of Madison’s services for many years, I feel right at home with Farragut’s similar arrangement.

    It’s really working out well as Farragut is very supportive of the national Praise & Harmony ministry that God is blessing. I’m on a quest to “restore” four-part harmony to churches (as you have heard me ranting about.) When I am out of town, Anthony is leading the worship for both services. It is a joy to be working so closely with my family and training my son.

    Keep up the great work at Madison, Lee. You are surrounded by some very, very special people!


  2. I pray that God will continue to bless Keith Lancaster’s ministry. Thanks for keeping us informed. God bless you as well Lee.

  3. Keith, it is always good to hear from you. Your work with the church there sounds great. I know your heart for what you are doing now and pray that God will continue to just shower you with many blessings…and old tune but a good one. (-: Our prayers are with you and Sharon. God Bless!

    Preacherman, thanks for stopping by, always great to hear from you too!

  4. Sounds interesting. Having your son and wife work with you must be a great thing.

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