Jimmy Sites and Spiritual Outdoor Adventure

July 18, 2007


I happened to turn on TBN yesterday and there was Jimmy Sites appearing as a guest on the show. Jimmy was the senior minister for the Madison church for a while and presently is the producer and host for the syndicated TV show, “Spiritual Outdoor Adventures”. Jimmy was being interviewed not only about his TV program, but a recent trip he and family members made with Steve Saint to visit the Waodani people deep in the Amazon jungle. (There is a link on Jimmy’s site to see the program from yesterday).  I had a number of posts at my old blog about the story of the Accua people and the movie, “End of the Spear” some time back. If you are not familiar with this wonderful story check out these past articles and links.  Number 1 Number 2 Number 3



  1. Now that is a moose.


  2. WoW!! I would LOVE to meet Steve Saint. And really look forward to meeting his father. Those quotes haunt me to be a better follower of Christ.

  3. Tommy, this story really made an impression on me early in my ministry and really gave it a missions emphasis. The movie, “End Of The Spear” is excellent, and well done. Not filled with the blood and gore you could expect in a story like this. It is a must see…it can be rented at most video stores.

    Yep Matt, it sure was.

  4. yes I saw it. I also got the documentary they sent out to help promote the film about a year before it was released, In my opinion its better than the movie.

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