Blogging, Tees, Heat and Hats

August 21, 2007


I have been on a sabbatical from blogging. I didn’t plan it that way, it just seemed to happen. When I first began blogging years ago, there seemed to be an endless list of subjects I wanted to write about, but of late, the well seems to have dried up. Oh well, they say it happens to all of us from time to time.

We have been under oppressive heat in Tennessee for the last few weeks. We are over a foot behind in rain fall and the temperatures are in or near triple digits everyday, and have been that way for weeks. I don’t ever remember it being this hot or dry. The trees are beginning to show signs of heat stress, and the grass…well it is dead.

Barb and I got away with her brother and sister in law for a few days last week. We went to Gatlinburg and just kicked back. They have a time share there and we had a blast just taking it easy and seeing the sights. The temperatures were not as oppressive as here in the Nashville area, so we got a break from that as well.

We bought all the grand kids tee shirts. It has been a few years since we were there and among the things that have changed is the nationality of the store owners. I felt like I was walking the streets of Cairo, instead of Gatlinburg. Guess we should have seen that coming as well.

Well I hope your summer is going well. It won’t be long now until cooler weather. I am ready! I bought me a new hat in Gatlinburg, one of those nice western felt jobs.


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