Be Confident…A Study Of The Book of Hebrews

August 23, 2007


This coming quarter on Wednesday evening I will be teaching the Book of Hebrews along with Jim Pounders, retired minister and father of our Shana Curtis, one of our youth ministers, and Mark Gage, just a great all around guy. They ask me to take the lead due to heavy schedules, so I will be kicking things off a week from this Wednesday. I have wanted to study this book again for some time and now I have a reason to do so. It is a great book to build spiritual confidence and faith when everything around you seems to be falling apart. Here is a little promo blip we are using to advertise the class.

 These were dark and perilous times for Christians. When the Book of Hebrews was written, the ages were colliding and society seemed to be shaking. The persecution that had begun at the death of Stephen has continued for over 35 years. The Book of Hebrews is addressed to a second generation of Jewish Christians who had experienced loss and persecution as their ancestors before them. The Roman Empire permitted conquered nations to practice their original religions, but no new ones were allowed. Early Christianity had been able to slip under Rome’s radar and flourish under the umbrella of Judaism. However, all that was about to change. Christians were now being faced with a coming persecution by both Jews and the Romans. Nero will make it his obsession to wipe out these catacomb dwellers once and for all. So on the horizon looms another more devastating persecution, and this time they are questioning if it is worth the price.  

Judaizers had long tried to entice these Jewish Christians to return to the old sacrificial system of their fathers, and they had refused, but now with more persecution on the horizon the old and familiar ways of the past didn’t seem so bad after all. The splendor of the temple worship and their discouragement due to persecution became the basis for many of them to consider returning to Judaism.

Could it be that God is shaking up their world so they will learn to live by faith and not by sight? Could it be that He has a plan for their lives that will be built on the eternal and not the unstable shakable world in which they live? Could there also be a lesson in Hebrews for the 21st Century as well?

I hope you will join us for this exciting study, in the studio on Wednesday evening.



  1. Hope the study goes well.


  2. Thanks Matthew, I am really looking forward to this study.

  3. I too am about to begin teaching/preaching through the book of Hebrews. I got the idea from another blogger who was looking for collaborators. Would you be interested in working together in Hebrews? Here is some of the intro work I’ve put on my blog:

  4. Hey Steve, Thanks for stopping by. Sounds great to me. I made a post at your site with material I have so far.

  5. Great stuff, and I hope to be of some help to your study, too. Let me ask some more questions through email. I couldn’t find your’s on the blog…how about email me when you get a chance (steve at centergrovebc dot org)

  6. […] Ryan Ferguson Recites Hebrews Chapters 9 & 10 Thanks to Steve at Vade Mecum for the link to this power video. What an awesome Savior we have. This is why I love the Book of Hebrews. […]

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