We Are Off To A Great Start

September 7, 2007


Well our Study of Hebrews is off to a great start. We had between 20 and 25 in attendance and that is a great number when you consider that there is a large auditorium class being taught by the Senior Minister and a long time Pray and Praise assembly going on in Bixler chapel and a few other classes as well.

I am doing something a little different in that I have established a study site on-line with links to study help sites through out the web. In addition I plan to use this site to share information that we may refer to in class, but just not have time to cover during class. This will also allow for class feed back other than class time. Take a look “Be Confident…a study of Hebrews”.

I received an offer some time back to collaborate on the Hebrews study from Steve Miller at Vade Mecum. Steve is Pastor for the Center Grove Baptist Church in South Carolina. Steve is a great guy and I am really enjoying sharing notes, ideas etc with him. He is going to be preaching through Hebrews as opposed to a classroom setting. He has been tossing around an idea from his small group to call the series, “He Brews” as in coffee brewing. Here is how Steve describes the idea, “Hebrews is about waking up the sleepy church, establishing them in the “grounds” of faith. Isn’t that a hoot!?” Yep that is a hoot…and it just might work.If you would like to join us in a collaborative effort, or if you have suggestions concerning material that has been meaningful to you when you have studied this book in the past, please pass it along.

I am finding a lot of similarities between those who received this letter and the church of today. Churches today are a mile wide and an inch deep when it comes to Bible knowledge. The result is a dreadful lack of maturity and inability to distinguish between truth and error. It is not just our tribe. Look at those who have bought into the “Health and Wealth” Gospel and are being fleeced of everything they have…including their faith when God doesn’t provide that Mercedes and half a million dollar home. Those to whom this letter was written were being pulled back into Judaism, folks today back into materialism, greed and outlandish imagines of the God of heaven as a heavenly ATM machine.

Well time to run, I have started preaching…Help me Jesus!


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