Who Wrote It?

September 10, 2007


I am really enjoying studying for our class on Hebrews. I probably said that before, but I really am! One of the age old questions that always has to come up in preparing for this study is, “Who wrote the Letter to the Hebrews?” I still don’t know, but I do have a different slant. Here is what I think.First I think it was someone who so loved the Lord and the people he was writing to that he did not want his name and life to take away from the message. I believe that the group that received this letter knew who it was from, as there are clues through out that the writer was well aware of there situation in life and that they were not only not growing, but were in danger of falling away from the Lord all together.

Second, it may well be that this group was apart of a larger group, and this message was just for these Christians where they were in their struggle. Some believe that the Hebrews could have been the group of priests that were converted, that are referred to in the Book of Acts. (Acts 6:7) This group may be a little early for the time of writing the letter, but I am sure there were other priests like them whose hearts had been touch by the Gospel.

Whoever the writer was he was eloquent in word, bold in confidence and faith, and unquestionably devoted to Jesus Christ. I know, I know it does sound like Paul, and it may well have been, but the truth is we just don’t know. And you know what? I kind of like it that way, because regardless of who He used, it was God’s spirit that inspired this powerful message.


  1. Lee,
    You are right, we don’t know who wrote it. I believe that it was most likely Paul who wrote it.

  2. I agree with you Lee, and with you Kenney.

    Ultimately though, God wrote it. It is His “breath” to our hearts. I love the part of the book where the words say in part “God who at different times and in different ways spoke to our Fathers by the prophets has in these last times spoken unto us by His Son”.

    Jesus is the revelation of God; many verses affirm this truth. The human who wrote the words as God’s Spirit moved him along, presented Jesus in a most powerful way. Hebrews is therefore one of my favorite books.

    Grace to you,
    Royce Ogle

  3. Thanks Preacherman and Royce for stopping by. Your thoughts are always appreciated. I have never kept track of how many times I have studied and taught this letter, but I know this time it is more meaningful than ever before. I mentioned that to someone the other day and they reflected that the more experiences in life you have to draw from the more the scripture means. I think he may be right. At any rate, this study is such a joy.

  4. Lee,

    The one thing certain about the authorship of Hebrews is that Paul DID NOT write it.

    Consider 2:3

    Paul, as an apostle of Christ which he defends time and again, would never write about the “…salvation, 1st announced by the Lord, confirmed to us by those who heard Him.” Paul got his gospel right from Jesus.

    Also, Hebrews is not a book or a letter, though 13 looks like a letter tacked on to the end. It is an early christian sermon on the high priesthood of jesus with Psalm 110 as the text.

    I know we all have a hard time giving up cherished positions, but what is the problem if he didn’t write it?



  5. Hello Doug! We just covered that very verse last Wednesday in class, and we came to the same conclusion. I love the fact that we don’t know the person God used to write it. Puts the emphasis on the messager and not the author. God Bless my brother!

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