The New Atheism

October 25, 2007

John Allen Turner recently appeared in a taping for Coral Ridge Ministries concerning The New Atheism. Worth you time to take a look.



  1. thanks for sharing that.

  2. My face doesn’t usually look like it does in the freeze frame! I’m glad you found the interview helpful.

  3. Well isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black. Christianity has been “in your face” since its inception. Now they have a problem with atheists and even other religious people to include Christians that are willing to say “Hey you know, the bible shouldn’t always be taken literally”

    Take a look at

    This is a list of almost twelve thousand Christian clergy, almost 500 rabbi and over 200 Unitarian clergy that support the theory of evolution.

    Believe me, many agnostics and atheists do read much of the ID movement literature because this is the only way we can rebut the PR spin that groups like ICR and other creation science organizations spits out.

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