An Invitation To Learn And To Share

October 27, 2007


The Blakes: Brad, Jen, Ibrahim, Rahamatu and Musa

She was only two weeks old when I baptized her parents, Barry and Darlene Becker, but today she is the wife of Dr. Brad Blake, and mother of three wonderful children all born and being raised in Northern Nigeria, West Africa where she and her family are missionaries. From a very early age Jennifer wanted to be a missionary in Africa. Today that dream is a reality.


Brad and Jen are working to reach Muslims in Northern Nigeria with the message of Christ, and like the one of whom they speak they have as their first priority to win the hearts of Nigerian Muslims through serving them and meeting their very real needs. As Brad said of a recent humanitarian workshop that they held, “Our Muslim trainees skeptically arrived on the first day expecting to hear scathing Christian preaching, Yet when they heard and practicalized the principles of composting, their amazement at this simple technology peaked their interest…This has led to many bible studies resulting in six baptisms while working with three congregations in three northeastern Nigerian states.” Meeting perceived needs of these people whom God loves is opening doors for the Gospel message.


Brad is here in Tennessee doing what all missionaries have to do from time to time…raising support. A special benefit dinner is being sponsored by the College Hills Church of Christ in Lebanon, Tennessee on November 15th. at 6:30pm. I want to extent an invitation to each of you to come and be a part of this special night. If you wish to attend you will need only to RSVP to me at rabboniblog@yahoo.com and I will pass the information on to the responsible parties. A free meal will be provided and an opportunity to help financially will be given. Here is a link to a map to the College Hills Church. If you are not able to attend you may still have a part in this wonderful work. All financial donations should be sent to:

Maple Hill church of Christ

c/o Arewa Aid
Attn: Jeff Hallums
102 Maple Hill Road
Lebanon, TN  37087


Arewa Aid has a basic website that lists some of their goals for the future. Please take a look.


I will close with thoughts from Jen in their October Newsletter. “I myself am most especially in prayer over the matter of our funds. How distressing the issue of money can be. I regret that we must even spend our time searching for funds while lost souls are wandering hopelessly and aimlessly. But my faith has been so tried in times past and strengthened that I have no doubt that our father will give us all that we need. Even if what we are seeking does not seem to come “in time”, I will still trust. Wherever he sends, whatever he asks, whatever he gives, all in his time. We are determined to be faithful, as he has always been faithful to us.” (Jen is in Nigeria with their two oldest children and Brad and their youngest child are here in Tennessee.)


If you have questions concerning the work that Brad and Jen are doing here is their email address: bradblake@juno.com



  1. Powerful testimony. Will see what we can do.

  2. Thanks Darin!

  3. […] Click here and here to learn more about Arewa Aid and the work of Brad and Jennifer Blake in Northeastern Nigeria. Published in: […]

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