Some Thoughts About Giving

November 24, 2007

There is a new direction for my life that I will be speaking about a little later, but for today listen to these thoughts about giving.



  1. When we give seeking nothing in return we have really given. Or when we give because of our love for another we have given right. When we give to the poor we have given to the Lord. And when we give out of our poverty….it is not us is it?

    Thanks for the gift of this post. It gave me reason to pause and reflect.

    His peace,

  2. Great thoughts Royce. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’d like to include your blog in the book, The Church of Christ is Blogging (edited by myself and John Dobbs). When you get a moment, can you provide a brief bio and answer the questions–Why do you blog? and How would your describe your blog? Also, could you send me an article from your blog from this year and a link to the article/essay? With your permission, I’ll print it in the book. Send submission to benoverby@specialtywriting.com


  4. Lee,
    Excellent post brother.
    I know our congregation is doing what it can to give this Christmas to those in need. I have noticed that people are coming in my office for the first time needing help. It may be do high gas prices, economy, loss of jobs. You may be seeing it too. Newer people needing help for the time. Higher numbers.

    God help us to be generous in our giving this year.
    And do what we can to help those in need whether it be locally or over-seas. Amen.

    In Him,
    Kinney Mabry

  5. Kinney, you are right about the increase in numbers of those in need. May the Lord help us to see that each needed presented to us is an opportunity and not a burden. Thanks as always for you thought!

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