Recycling The Great Old Hymns

December 22, 2007

I love contemporary music. I love many of these songs because they cause us to focus on the Throne of God and Worship. One of the things that contemporary worship cost us was the old hymns. Powerful lyrics set to the music of centuries past. One of the great trends today is taking those powerful lyrics and updating the music to the contemporary sounds desired and loved today. Here is an example of another one I found today.



  1. The older the better for me! I haven’t seen any improvement in gospel music since the early 1900’s. Perhaps I am an old soul, (I am sure my body is almost 63).

    I am a lover of theology, of Bible doctrine, and those old, old hymns and anthems are loaded with the good stuff.

    Happy New Year as you continue to walk with Jesus.

    His peace,

  2. This body is also nearing 63. I like a lot of the contemporary stuff. Always glad to have you stop by.

  3. Yes, most of the old songs are special. But we have some younger musicians/theologians who produced very special songs. My dad was REALLY of the old school, and a very traditional Blessed Assurance was sung at his funeral. The next Sunday we enjoyed a contemporary version, and I just knew Dad would like it, now being in a chorus of angels. 🙂

  4. I recall in my high school and college chorus days singing older than old songs that were taken directly from scripture, often in Latin. What we now call “traditional” songs were once controversial because they were not direct from scripture, but were the words of the songwriter, and what we now call “contemporary” is actually more like the truly ancient hymns.

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