On The Lighter Side

January 25, 2008

Time to blog has been at a premium of late. So hopefully these will put a smile on your face.

A young boy was riding to Bible Study with me a while back and remarked that all of the cars his family had owned, as far back as he could remember, had hand cranks for the windows. Well thanks to my Bud Bill Carlisle, here is a solution to that problem. 

Got a pesky squirrel problem…just relocate them.

And what would a day of funny videos be with out a friendly poke at Hillary. This is not new, but still funny.

Have a great day…and be sure to vote!



  1. funny.

  2. Too funny, and didn’t you used to have one of them slingshots when you lived on Church Street, poor Dorris’s. Yes, it’s me, that youngest Overby.

  3. Keith! Great to hear from you my brother. I am sure we had slingshots and more back in those days.

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