Shepherds – They Smell Like Sheep

May 5, 2008





Two weeks ago I was appointed a Shepherd for the Madison Church. Since I began my ministry back in 1967 I have worked with Shepherds in numerous churches. Sometimes as a member of a congregation, sometimes as a member and the preaching minister and sometimes with leaders who were supporting works that Barb and I were involved in. I have through the years preached many sermons and taught numerous lessons on Pastors, Elders, Shepherds, and Bishops as they are called in the New Testament. As I accept the responsibility of a Shepherd, I am given an opportunity to practice what I have preached.


It is a sobering thought!


I solicit your prayers.



  1. I am confident the sheep are in capable hands.

    It is really not complicated is it? Love God and love the people. And, love them enough to always tell them the truth vs. what they sometimes want to hear.

    I am not tough enough to be an elder myself. It takes far more “stuff” than I am made of in my view.

    Blessings as you watch the flock,
    Royce Ogle

  2. Thanks Royce,

    Yes the root of it all is love, some times tough love, but love never the less. Always great of hear from you brother.

  3. The perspective is different when looking from withhin the role. I have inside information and I assure you that you will do well and God will use you in ways He has not used you before. God Bless you and your sheep.
    Mark (Your little brother)

  4. Thanks little brother.

  5. I am convinced that it is a recognition of what you were already doing. Lead. Challenge. Love. Follow the Spirit.

  6. Thanks Tommy. Those are all great words of challenge and encouragement.

  7. Lee,
    Remember back in ISE when I said I wanted to be an elder. In 2005 the Troy family asked me to serve in that capacity. I was excited by the confidence expressed to me by the flock. It has been challenging facing life, death, family struggles, and the wolves. I can say there have been evening after much prayer that my hip pockets have been dragging because I was unsure how God was going to work something out. He has never failed to amaze me.


  8. Keith, I do remember you saying that. I know you are serving well…I know your heart! God Bless brother, I love you and your family in the Lord.

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