June 24, 2008

You may not like the conclusions of this book, but you will have a hard time saying that they are not true. The following is a CNN interview with the book’s author. The interviewer is pretty savvy and I think fair in the questions he asks.

Take a look at this one also.



  1. Thanks for the videos.

  2. I haven’t read the book but I’m almost afraid to!

    As you said, it’s hard to disagree with the conclusions but I’m not sure I have any ideas that can make us better.

    Thanks for the challenge Big Brother.

    By HIS Grace!

  3. I did a phone interview with the book’s other author, David Kinnaman, (it’s on the New Wineskins e-zine site Not Enough to be Transformed), and found him to be very knowledgeable and cogent.

    It’s a hard book to read – not difficult to understand; hard to accept.

  4. Thanks Keith. I read your interview and I would encourage all to follow the link you provided and read this interview as well.

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