We Need Change…But What Kind Of Change

July 14, 2008

The political rhetoric if flowing. Few like the direction we are going in our country from a number of directions, but radical liberal change I fear will create a world in which our grand children will pay a heavy price. With out future comment I simply ask you to look at the following two videos for your grand children’s sake.




  1. Sobering. I am amazed that people who should be well informed, men who lead great churchs, are making such poor judgements about the future of our republic. I have asked some of them why they support Obama. The common response, “We need a change”, “The country is going in the wrong direction”, etc, etc.

    I suggest a person should do as much research before he votes as he does before buying a used car.


  2. Our instant gratification mentality is always looking for the quick fix. Sadly there are few in our country that will say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done.

    Your point is well put about research before buying a car, but sadly very few in this same ole world will even do that. Just get the payments where I need them and let me drive…it drives me nuts.

  3. As an American who lived in the USA for 31 years and a missionary who has lived 24 years in a foreign country, seen attitudes about the USA from both sides of the ocean, followed many changes in American life during the last quarter of a century, I am truly concerned for the future of the USA. If we do not put God back in our lives, attitudes, words and actions, we are truly doomed. To do this, we need political leadership that believes in God and will stand up for Him. But with God fearing political leaders, the problem is still not solved. We need to quit being afraid of living for God. Like the apostles and first century Christians, we need to speak up for God in school and in all public places–and go to jail for it if necessary. We need to preach sin as sin, with true love and concern for those who practice it. We need to understand that God has blessed the USA because she used to be God-fearing. Now that this is changing, what can we expect? Even a child can figure it out.

  4. Well said Eddison. Being in the middle of a study of the Intertestamental period has pointed out so clearly again to me that God works in the affairs of men to discipline those He loves. The Hebrew letter was written to people who had been through a period of persecution and another was on the horizon and God told them to stand up, speak up and die if necessary. There are some things worth dieing for. May we wake up before we face the test.

    • Your posting really stgnirhteaed me out. Thanks!

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