When The Sky Falls

October 12, 2008













By Ed Fudge


If there is ever a time for turning our eyes and hearts toward God,
surely that time is now. The United States is bogged down abroad in
seemingly interminable wars against unidentifiable enemies, at a cost
to date of 4,100 dead, 30,000 injured and almost one trillion
dollars. Meanwhile, at home the bears have emerged from the jungles
of high finance to ravage the stock market, which this past week saw
the greatest losses of any week since the Great Depression.Desperate and clueless, the federal government is borrowing first-aid
kits from the warehouse of socialism, in hopes it can save the
demigods of capitalism and free enterprise. Treasury officials
worldwide are collaborating in hushed tones, the citizenry are
screaming in outrage at the ungodly compensations and bonuses netted
by the actual culprits, and everyone seems to have forgotten that the
two most powerful engines driving Wall Street have always been greed
and fear.

Less than a month away from a presidential election with no coherent
vision offered by either party, extremists on both sides have
resorted to empty clichés, unequivocal misrepresentations and
outright lies. The configuration of presidential candidates,
international banking interests and general sense of panic has
created a field-day for biblical prophecy speculators who, armed with
the internet, are adding their own layer of End-Time doom and gloom
to the fearfulness that already exists.

In the midst of such circumstances, believers do well to remember
that God has no special deal with America, and America has no
guarantees from God. However, actions do have consequences, and
societies cannot plant one crop and harvest another. Whether God
still chastens nations directly or simply allows their own moral
corruption to take its course, the effect is the same. Godly people
often suffer and die alongside the scoffers and scoundrels. Faith
does not mean that God will always protect us from evil now. It does
enable us to trust him, whatever may come, in the confidence that he
will have the final, victorious, eternal word.



  1. Lee,
    I want to begin by thank you for sharing this article with us. I have been richly blessed today. I love reading Ed Fudge. He is such a great scholar and author. I hope you have been blessed as I have. I hope you have a great day! 🙂

  2. Preacherman,

    Though I have never met him I have read and appreciated Ed for many years now. He is one of the best at putting thoughts into words. Yes, I have been blessed with a wonderful day today.

  3. That is one relevant piece of work. Ed has always had a way with words, and puts things in the proper perspective.

    Thanks for passing this on…

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