November 1, 2008

By Terry Rush

(Borrowed and adapted)

I am very concerned about our nation. The threat of simmering unrest is nearing boil. I don’t think I’m exaggerating. The political scene is fire-red hot. Debate—bitter, rude, insulting debate—does not reveal information as much as it reveals skill. Millions of dollars are spent for a job which pays thousands. Office workers, church members, and neighbors are divided into camps of strong opinions backed by hard feelings.

Politics is only one front. The Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series last night. Was the danger and damage of rioters found to be in the losing city of Tampa Bay? No, it was found in the city which won! Whether victory or loss, some are filled with such anger they are anxious to find any excuse to create havoc.

Level-headed, quite responsible leaders of all fields are burnt over the shameful and unrepentant scandal of the Wall Street moguls. Congress’ volunteer blindness toward both the problem and solution exacerbates the thread-bare nerves of common man. Our nation is in a mess. I believe it to be so big, I couldn’t exaggerate it.

Therefore, rely on the Spirit of Christ. Lead your people to Him. Have them hide their wealth by giving it away. Lead them to save their lives by losing them. Teach them that our citizenship is in heaven; not on earth. Train them of the value and truth of the outstretched arms of both the Son on the Cross and of the prodigal’s Father back at the family farm. Adorn hearts with the news which is heard louder than Paul Revere’s; Our Savior Reigns ! Our Savior is King!


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