August 24, 2012

Hope Springs International

Poisonous snake bites resulting in death or amputation are a great problem in Chad. The problem is often dwarfed by the greater needs of potable water, health care and food production. But it is never the less a serious problem in Dono-Manga.

Dono-Manga is home to the Puff Adder (pictured at the left), Boomslang, West African Carpet Viper, two types of Cobra and the deadly Black Mamba. Bites from Cobras and Mambas can be deadly because their venom can cause paralysis of the muscles needed to breath, leading to death from lack of Oxygen within six hours. The West African Carpet Viper can cause hemorrhaging leading to death. While not all venomous bites cause death, many do result in amputations and the younger the victim, the greater the likelihood of death.

The inability to reach medical care is one of the biggest issues in the treatment of venomous snake bites…

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