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Country Music Hall of Famer Porter Wagoner dies at 80

October 31, 2007


Photo was taken some years ago (as if I had to tell you that), back stage at the Opry.

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I Talked To An Old Friend Today

June 22, 2007


I talked to an old friend today. (He is much older than when this picture was taken) LOL. It has been more than 25 years since I last saw him or spoke to him. That last time we were at the funeral of one of our students that had drown trying to rescue his son from the same fate. We had parted ways when the school that he directed and at which I taught closed. The school had first been his dream and later had become mine. We watched it be destroyed by negative legalism and the vocal cries of a handful who clamored for the way we have always done things. He went back to Florida and I to Tennessee, and just lost contact.So much has happened in both our lives since we last spoke, but today was much like picking up that last conversation where we left off. I can’t explain why it has taken this long to once again be in communication. I just know that today I feel more complete now that we have.

In past articles I have written about the key people that God brought into my life at just the right time. Nolan was one of those people. Barb and I had returned from our mission field in Germany. It had not been our choice. Our support base had collapsed and we had no idea what we would do next. We had spent one year in Germany and planned a minimum of 4 more, but that was not to be. Because of a mutual friend we received a call to consider teaching full time with the International School of Evangelism in Pontiac, Michigan. I knew from that first visit that this was an answer to prayer. The next three years would be some of the most rewarding and fulfilling years in my life. I often said back then that I planned to go to heaven from Pontiac. If you knew how much I disliked cold weather, you would really appreciate that statement.

Often when we watch our dreams die, a part of us dies with them. I think that happened to us. How did it all play out in God’s great scheme of things? I don’t know, but that is on my list of questions for when I get home. As I reflect today, I praise God for those years and those relationships. Many of those men trained during that time are still winning souls for the Kingdom to this day. They have raised families that are now missionaries to other lands.

Here is a student body picture from back then.



The Retention Factor

March 12, 2007


Do you have difficulty remembering what you hear or read? I was beginning to think it was old age, and then I ran across the following article The Retention Factor. Thanks to Ron Martoia for sharing this. It is good stuff!

All great minds have learned how to learn and how to retain.John Gardner, Harvard ProfessorWhy do some people just seem to have great memories and others of us struggle to remember where we put our car keys (well that could be an aging issue there)? The answer? All of us remember what we deem important and then store away for recall. While everyone has unconscious ways they store and retrieve important items, here are some of the strongest tips for peak performance in recall and using information you are learning or reading. And can I share with you a secret…I didn’t make these up, I was taught these by two people who I thought were genius and had amazing memories.  You know what they told me?  Both said, “I am not a genius, just disciplined at remembering what I want to remember.”  That is a big nugget.  Was it Einstein that said “genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration?  Well there you go…start some new habits.1.    Take the 3rd party learning approach as much as possible. This means learning and reading as if you were going to teach the same material to someone tonight.
2.    Within 48 hours of learning something you want to seal in your memory go find someone and share it with them. No one available? Tell the cat. And you know what I hate cats
3.    Associate a memorable key word or phrase with that material, and place in a visible location for 1 week.
4.    Review your new learning once a week for 4 weeks. People don’t review.  You don’t review you won’t remember, it is that simple.
If you diligently do these four things your retention will dramatically rise and people will think you are a genius. The kingdom implications are enormous – your command of scripture, leadership principles, parenting nuggets to pass on will surprise even you.