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Christian Women’s and Men’s Job Corps…More Information

August 2, 2007


I have been encouraged by your comments concerning the “Christian Women’s Job Corps”, and wanted to do a follow up with some additional information. First, here is a link to the national Christian Women’s and Christian Men’s Job Corps, yes there is a Men’s Job Corps also. You will find a wealth of information at this site; state directors, a store with specific selections to compliment the work of CW & CMJC. You may even find that you have a group in your area, but for sure you will find the information needed to begin your own outreach should you desire to do so.

I ask Dawn to share personally with you a brief note about her involvement in the program.

“I got involved in this program over four years ago because I saw God was working within it to transform the lives of the women who participated as well as the volunteers who helped. In his book “Experiencing God,” one of the main points Henry Blackaby makes is that to experience God you’ve got to go where he’s working.” So I did and I haven’t been disappointed. I have heard the sense of hopelessness expressed by the women as they come into the program, and I have seen the radical change of those who have been given hope – not only with enhanced job skills and education, but also with the love of Christ. Many have come to know Him as their personal savior as they’ve participated in the Bible studies and many have returned to him. And isn’t that what it’s all really about?!” ”The other reason I love this ministry is that it gives churches of all denominations an opportunity to come together for a common goal and to set aside our differences and unite around what unites us and that is Christ. His prayer of unity in John 17 calls us to do that very thing so that the world will know Him.”

Dawn and her husband Roger are special servants at Madison. Also, on a side note there are some who think that Dawn closely resembles Madison’s own “mysterious” reporter for the WMCC News broadcast each Sunday morning at second service. Take at look at this link and judge for yourself.