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Today We Mourn With A Fellow Blogger And His Family

May 22, 2008

His Blog is entitled, “Out Here Hope Remains”, and today that hope is anchoring a family who is going through a parents worst nightmare, the loss of their son. John Robert Dobbs was about to graduate from High School, but a graduation to glory took precedent over his earth one. Here is John in his own words as he speaks about the loss of his son. 

“This is a day of intense pain and emptiness that begins a long journey through the darkness of loss. Maggy and I have lived ever parent’s nightmare … the loss of our eighteen year old son, John Robert. Gregarious and compassionate, John Robert has had enormous influence in his short life. The details of his passing are unimportant when compared to the beauty and joy that his life has brought to our family. This loss will live with our hearts forever. I hope and pray in time that the memories of John Robert will spread a shadow over the hurt we now feel.”

Would you join with us as we mourn and pray with this wonderful family?


Gone Home

February 14, 2008

Today one of our Shepherds when home and now enjoys the presence of the Great Shepherd. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sandra and the children.  Pat was a great man with a great heart. He will be greatly missed.



Country Music Hall of Famer Porter Wagoner dies at 80

October 31, 2007


Photo was taken some years ago (as if I had to tell you that), back stage at the Opry.

Read the Tennessean’s Article


Cecil Hook 11.24.1918 – 6.1.2007

June 30, 2007


(Vic, Lea, and Cecil)

Cecil Hook, a champion of grace and unity, has gone to his reward. He will be greatly missed by those who loved and respected him through the years. Though we had never met face to face, I counted Cecil a friend and a brother. Like the change that many of us have gone through, Cecil went from legalism to grace. His ministry has been an encouragement to so many. The following is an interview with Cecil by Fred Peatross.

Cecil Hook was born in Fort Worth, Texas on November 24, 1918. He was raised on a cotton farm at Rochester, Texas, during the Great Depression and Dust Bowl days. After graduating from Abilene Christian College in 1941, Cecil began full-time preaching in eastern New Mexico and Sundown, Texas.

Cecil has also served churches in Port Neches, Fort Worth, and Dallas in Texas.

As the years of his ministry progressed, Cecil became increasingly aware of the many misdirections. His conviction to be honest with himself forced him to make drastic adjustments to his teachings. Sharing these new concepts from the pulpit brought thrilling responses from some, but others soon aroused unbearable opposition. By the time of his retirement, he had begun to write and publish his efforts of redirection. Cecil found that thousands of others were questioning traditional beliefs and practices. Cecil says, “God has made exciting use of my unskilled efforts, and he has brought many wonderful people into partnership with me in this ministry.”

(Click here for the rest of the interview)

(For Cecil Web Site and writings click here.)


Jerry Falwell…Dead at 73

May 15, 2007