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The Picture Says It All

February 22, 2008


Only two have offered to die for you and me. Jesus for our soul, and the American Soldier for our freedom.


The Shack

February 19, 2008


I am deeply indebted to Tommy at Believing Thomas Blog for his recommendation of “The Shack”.  I have never been a big fan of novels, but this one is special in so many ways. I just finished reading it this morning, and I am totally in awe. Stop what you are doing and order this book!

Eugene Peterson is comparing it to John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress”. I think he may be right. I have recommended it to our Life Group as a possible text for our future studies together.

While you will not see scripture quoted, you will see scripture applied and God in three persons may just become more real to you than ever before. And you may just be given a peak into the answer to the question that we have all ask at one time or another…Why…? Some will no doubt want to debate its doctrinal accuracy, as if they had all the answers themselves, so read it for what it is…a novel. A novel that might just change your life.



Gone Home

February 14, 2008

Today one of our Shepherds when home and now enjoys the presence of the Great Shepherd. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sandra and the children.  Pat was a great man with a great heart. He will be greatly missed.



If We Are The Body…

February 13, 2008

You Still There?

February 12, 2008


Again I find myself apologizing for another long silence and absence from the blogging world. I have been totally absorbed in getting our new promotional material ready for the two year campaign we kicked off in January. (If you would like a copy of our new brochure and the details of what we are doing, drop me a note at, ,and I will put one in the mail for you).

Not only is writing time at a premium, but reading the blogs that I really enjoy has almost been non-existent. As I look at my plate I don’t know that allot will change in the near future, but wanted you to now that I am still here, doing well and just very busy with Arewa Aid. If you would like to have up-to-date information on the day to day happenings with Arewa Aid and the Blakes, be sure to read Brad and Jen’s Blog. Here is the link, and it is also listed on the side bar.