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Sitting On The Promises

February 28, 2007


By Christopher Fisher
March/April 2007

Sitting on the promises of Christ my King,
Basking in the glow that all his blessings bring.
“Glory!” on the sofa I will shout and sing,
Sitting on the promises of God!

Sitting, sitting,
Sitting on the promises of God my Savior;
Sitting, sitting,
I’m sitting on the promises of God.

Sitting on the promises I cannot fail,
Though my godless neighbor’s sure to roast in hell.
I give a lazy wave and then I wish him well,
Sitting on the promises of God.

(Repeat Chorus.)

Sitting on the promises of Christ the Lord,
Why should I feel guilty for not “sharing” more?
Isn’t that the stuff we pay our pastors for?
Sitting on the promises of God.

(Repeat Chorus, if it’s not too much trouble.)

Sitting on the promises I can not rest
Till I see my favorite show on CBS.
As for serving others, well I did my best.
Sitting on the promises of God.

(Again, repeat Chorus, if you’re feeling up to it. Or sit down to catch your breath. Or just bow your head and pretend to pray while you take a little nap)



Praise and Harmony

February 26, 2007


I spent last Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Noblesville, Indiana at a Praise and Harmony workshop. Keith Lancaster invited a group of us from Madison (above) to travel with he and Sharon, and what a power packed, Spirit filled weekend it was. This is the second time Keith has done this type of workshop for this congregation. After last years seminar the church saw wonderful changes in their worship. I know it will have even more far reaching results now that the second one is behind them.


Noblesville Church of Christ is a diverse congregation, with members whose approach to scripture is from conservative to contemporary…I hate labels, but it is so hard to communicate without some descriptive terms. They don’t have praise teams, but they have a deep desire to learn better how to worship in song. There leadership, also diverse, is committed to a more spiritually uplifting experience in worship.


One of our couples from Madison, Roger and Dawn Ferguson, and I stayed with one of the elders. That in itself was a highlight of the week end. This family served as missionaries in Romania for about three years, and truly have an evangelistic spirit about the work of the Lord.


I would encourage you to check out the Praise and Harmony Seminars that Keith is now doing. I believe that this new direction for Keith may well be his most important work to date.