I’m Back!…Sort of.

June 18, 2007


Well I am a year older since my last post. I never intended to be away from this blog for such a long period of time, but life seems to get in the way of our own personal wishes. That’s why you hear the phrase so often, “That’s life!”.

Let me catch you up a bit. We made our move from Westmoreland to Hendersonville and we are now out of boxes and enjoying our new home. Having literally everything with in five to ten minutes of where we live is an experience we have not enjoyed for over fifteen years. The last two places we lived were isolated and rural. While there are many blessings to living in the city, there are also the draw backs of traffic, and….well that is about all I can think of. The timing of the move could not have been better with the escalating cost of gasoline. Barb and I both were filling up about every three days, now Barb can go a week and a half on a tank of gas. Being close to Madison has made our involvement with the church much easier. This was one of the major reasons for the move in the first place. Other blessings include a small yard to mow. Instead of three and a half hours, it is about 30 minutes. We have trash pick up twice a week. Before we had to handle it ourselves. Hospital, Doctors and shopping is all only about 5 minutes away.

I am out of the office and on the road again in sales, which has limited my time to blog. In my previous office position there were long periods of time where I sat a waited for the phone to ring. That afforded me a lot of time to read and write. Now my day consists of numerous sales calls and fairly long hours each day. This new schedule has not only limited my writing time, but also my time to read and keep up with my favorite blogs. So if you don’t see me commenting at your sites , it is not a lack of interest, just the lack of time.

I have added a new blog to my blog roll. Be sure to check out Jewels Gems. Julie is one of our praise team members at Madison. Also check out Carl Wades excellent article entitled, “My Dad’s Gold Boot”.

Until next time, God Bless!



  1. good to hear from you!

  2. Missed you and was growing concerned. Glad you back, though sorry you will not be able to blog as often as you’d (and we’d) like. But I pray your job is rewarding, and look forward to your blogs whenever you’re able to squeeze one in.


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